Act & Learn, language school

Why Act & Learn?

Our language school uses a unique method, Act & Learn, which, from the first lesson onwards, allows you to speak and learn a language in a fun, natural and effective way. When you enjoy learning, knowledge is stored more efficiently in your mind.

And how does this method work? The course is founded on a popular film, book or play. You yourself will slip into one of the main roles in famous stories and, like this, will get to know a foreign language. Scene by scene you will learn vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar in a fun, precise and effective way. You can read more details about the Act & Learn method in the section About the Method.

Because lessons are held in very small groups (max. 5 persons), teaching can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Moreover, students will have a great opportunity to meet people and make friends and contacts.

Our goal is to be more than just a language school – we want to be a place where people can meet up, talk, relax and have fun in a pleasant atmosphere; whilst, and without even realizing it, to acquire the ability to communicate in a foreign language.