Act & Learn, language school

About the Method Act & Learn

The Act & Learn method emphasizes the ability of active speaking and understanding. In our courses, all students speak and get involved from the very first lesson onwards. The course is founded on a popular and well-known film. Before the first lesson, each student receives a DVD with the chosen movie, in the language of instruction. This gives everyone the chance to watch the film and get in closer contact with the language that they want to learn. The course itself focusses on particular scenes, with every student being allotted a role. Based on dialogues between the characters, students will acquire vocabulary, correct pronunciation and grammar rules, as well as developing their feeling for the language. We do not translate word by word – vocabulary and grammar are not monotonously and separately. We understand each scene as a whole, which really helps the students to understand and communicate in a foreign language. As the films are generally well-known, and as the students have already had the opportunity to watch them in the language that they want to learn, a better understanding and more rapid assimilation of the above-mentioned language skills results. During the lessons you listen, speak and act, allowing you to learn the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation as a whole, without isolating individual elements. You will avoid the shyness which often accompanies speaking in a foreign language and will learn to use your newfound abilities in practice. Lessons are held in very small groups (max. 5 persons) and each student is actively involved from the start.

Language Levels

Our courses are differentiated according to the learning levels specified by the ‘Common European Framework of Reference’ (see below for more information) with resource materials being adapted to respective ability levels. We are more than happy to help you find the most appropriate learning level for your ability and, in case you are interested in taking a course with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Initial categorization into a certain language level will be taken as indicative, but is not binding. If you feel the lessons are too easy or too difficult for you, we will transfer you free of charge to a group with the appropriate language level.

Europass: European language levels – Self Assessment Grid, Download PDF [online]: